Social dances

Social dances includes waltz, tango, four-step, cha cha cha, rumba, jive, paso doble. No matter your career, men should always know some of these classical moves, since knowledge of social dances is like the key to open another door.

Application requirements

Target applicant: adults over the age of 17

Proficiency levels: beginners / beginners-intermediate / intermediate-advanced (please choose on application form)

Lesson times: organised according to the student’s available times

Duration: 50 minutes each lesson, twice a week, 3 months = 1 term

Fees: enquire by phone –discounts available for students and members

Students per class: maximum 12 per class, apply at any time (a new class will be opened when existing classes are full)

报名对象: 17岁以上成年人

课程级别: 零基础 / 初中级 / 中高级 (请在填写报名表时选择)

上课时间: 按照学习者的时间安排上课的时间

课 时: 每课时50钟,每周2次,每期课程3个月为一个时段

费 用: 电话咨询,学生优惠,会员优惠

报名人数: 每班不超过12人,随报随上,满员后开设另一个新班