Hip Hop + Jazz + Popping

这是年轻人狂热追捧的舞蹈,流行动感的音乐,变化无穷的舞步,高潮的技巧,足以让观看者的眼睛有一种冲击感,不断出现的鸡皮疙瘩足以让人的血液沸腾到极点,一种要跳动的神经已经按捺不住,还等什么!马上加入!让自己亲身感受那种Duang Duang Duang~~


  • 报名对象:17岁以上成年人

  • 课程级别:零基础 / 初中级 / 中高级 (请在填写报名表时选择)

  • 上课时间:按照学习者的时间安排上课的时间

  • 课 时:每课时50钟,每周2次,每期课程3个月为一个时段

  • 费 用: 电话咨询,学生优惠,会员优惠

  • 报名人数:每班不超过12人,随报随上,满员后开设另一个新班

Hip-hop + Jazz + Popping

It’s very easy to see why so many young people are all about this style of dance; contemporary, upbeat music and ever-changing steps, all leading up to a climax that drives both the dancers and audience wild – what’s not to love? Join us now to experience the passion!

Application requirements

  • Target applicant: adults over the age of 17

  • Proficiency levels: beginners / beginners-intermediate / intermediate-advanced (please choose on application form)

  • Lesson times: organised according to the student’s available times

  • Duration: 50 minutes each lesson, twice a week, 3 months = 1 term

  • Fees: enquire by phone –discounts available for students and members

  • Students per class: maximum 12 per class, apply at any time (a new class will be opened when existing classes are full)